CERAVAPE, is a market leader in vaping tanks and cartridges.Established in 2013,it's the first ever manufacturer which is only specialized in ceramic heating vape technology,which is set to be a true game changer! It's our passion to design,develop and manufacture tanks&cartridges for eliquids and CBD,THC,CO2 oil of various viscosity.As manufacture in China,we don't touch plant or extractions.It's our responsibility to provid you consumer usable,high-end solutions which allows our customers to do their speciality and just leave the hardware to us.



Are my tanks Authentic

Welcome to choose CeraVape Ceramic coil series tank products

Here're the steps to check if your products are authentic from CeraVape:

Product authenticity detection:


1. Open the package and find the Product authenticity detection tag at the bottom, Scratch Coating to get the full QR  code image and security code.

2 >>If you have a Smart Phone or any kinds of device that support recognize the QR code, scan it and it will lead you go to the authenticity detection website.

>>If you don’t have any kinds of device that support recognize the QR code or your device is not able to recognize the  QR code, you can go to our Official website (http://www.ceravape.com) and find the Product authenticity detection Link at the bottom. Or type the link out if you can’t find the location: http://checkauthenticity.ceravape.com/.

3.Type out the serial number you see on the tag and Click “Go”. (If you scanned the QR code, it will automatically fill out the serial number for you.)

1.If it shows this, which means your product is authorized by Cera Vape and enjoy all of our Replace&Return Policy:

5. If it shows like this, which means the QR code or security code has been used and be aware of the fake product.

when one of the three coils fail do we have to change them all out

You dont have to change them all out,only to replace the dead coil head.

Swap one out and keep on vaping. The odds of one dying are slim; as the coil has to snap quite

literally.If the ohms are reading around .3/.4 higher; you've got a dead coil .

How to check which coil is dead?

If resistance is incorrect, or less than 6 coils are glowing(2 side by side in each head)(keep in mind,ceramic is different from cotton,it can be dry burnt :P

If you dont want to replace the dead coil head,you dont have to,only lower the wattage,

and you will get another resistance tank